The Utimate CARD GAME.

Can you get the lowest score?

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With origins tracing back to Central and South America, KOMBIO provides an addictive balance between luck and strategy.

The goal of the game is to get the lowest score.

Ability cards allow players to view and swap cards from their hand and other player's hands. Use speed to be the first to match atop the last discarded card. 

With 70 high quality linen cards and a matte finished tuck box, KOMBIO is intended to deliver a dose of fun anytime, anywhere.


Strategy and Speed

Certainty or Chance


"I love the complexity of the game. not like chess which is too complicated for me - haha, but the combination of remembering my own cards, tracking others through the swapping process, and the recall - I think it's a great therapy for my aging brain! The more frequently I play, the better I get." 

-Colleen Schacht

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