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A card game with origins tracing back to Central and South America, KOMBIO provides an addictive mix of chance, sleight of hand, and strategy. 

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"I love the complexity of the game. not like chess which is too complicated for me - haha, but the combination of remembering my own cards, tracking others through the swapping process, and the recall - I think it's a great therapy for my aging brain! The more frequently I play, the better I get." 

-Colleen Schacht

"Ok, so I played this lastnight at 2 player and I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed it. That is to say I wasnt sure what to expect from a deck of 70 cards. What kind of new game experience could this simple deck of cards give me?! I LOVED IT! I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed it actually if I'm being honest. This is at heart a memory game (which at first I thought I had a handle on but quickly realized it was actually pretty challenging) Not just any memory game though, a memory game that takes it to the next level. At two players is was hard to keep track of my cards, I absolutely can not wait to try this with 4! Its something I will pack and bring along to family gatherings most definitely. Great game in a small package!


"Memory . Speed . Deception

The summary above which is listed on the box perfectly describes this game. The mechanics of this game are flawless and my game group found ourselves playing round after round with amazement of how simple, yet deep this game can be. In fact, I believe KOMBIO can be played by non gamers and hardcore gamers alike, and each can enjoy all the aspects this card game has to offer. I find the balance between memorizing your own cards with your opponents cards can really keep your brain working, but in the midst of this, it can be silly fun as well. Our group found ourselves laughing all the way through. The fact that games can be played in less than 10 minutes also allows you to play over and over and add scores over several games. This will always be in my collection and I know it will spend a lot of time traveling with me to game nights as it is just downright an amazing, addictive card game.

-Brandon Gregg