The world's ultimate card game.

Can you get the lowest score?

Players use memory, speed and deception to get the lowest score at the table. As cards on the table change, so do the opportunities. KOMBIO® has the complexity to strategize while also offering a healthy dose of luck to keep things spicy.

Take it anywhere

Being compact, KOMBIO® is easy to pack not just for game nights but also traveling, camping and even summiting mountains.

KOMBIO® will have you playing round after round.

Will you get the lowest score?

Play with family and friends



With origins tracing back to Central and South America, KOMBIO® takes inspiration and pays tribute to a fun and elusive card game that deserves a wide audience.


The purpose of KOMBIO® is to create fun and meaningful experiences for people to connect over.


A symbol based design allows KOMBIO® to reach a larger audience by crossing language barriers. The rules of KOMBIO® were heavily play tested with the intent to perfect the balance between skill and luck while also being easy to learn.


KOMBIO® rewards mental acuity, spatial awareness and memory. Logic and forecasting help players develop strategies and make quick decisions. Tracking cards requires sustained focus while matching cards reduces reaction time and increases reflexes. Apart from mental stimulation, KOMBIO® is played in social settings that help build communication skills.

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Strategy and speed

Certainty or chance

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