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  • 70 playing cards (linen finish)
  • 2 reference cards
  • 1 matte laminated rule booklet
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Ben P.
United States United States
So Addicting

Got my family and my girlfriend’s family hooked on this game. So much fun, everyone I know who has played this game loves it. Buy Kombio - it’ll immediately become a staple of your game shelf!

Kerri S.
United States United States
New family favorite

Kombio has rapidly joined the ranks of a family standard/default game option! Will be gifting to my extended family to share the love. Thanks!

Lucas T.
United States United States
Avid game lover - loves this game!

I love learning new games, and as soon as I saw this I knew I had to try it out. When I got it, my fiance (reluctantly) agreed to play it with me. However, she ended up absolutely loving the game, and we play it almost every day 1v1. Multiplayer adds new complexity and fun to the game as well, and it's easy to learn and enjoy! 10/10 would buy again and I'll probably be sending this game as a gift to some friends.

Derek P.
United States United States
Review of Kombio

REVIEW & GAME OVERVIEW OF KOMBIO In Kombio all players will be given a hand of four cards (The top two cards you are not able to look at and you will only be able to view your bottom two cards). Throughout the game you will be matching cards and triggering ability cards by playing them into discard pile. You will also be viewing and exchanging cards. As you successfully match cards you will be creating a smaller hand and working to have cards in the lowest values possible . If you guess wrong, there is a penalty and you will be adding additional cards to your hand! The game ends as soon as one player calls Kombio or if a player gets rid of all the cards in there hand. The player with lowest score wins! IMPRESSION & IS THIS GAME FOR YOU? I grew up playing a ton of card games, so I knew right away that this would be a game I would really like! It brings together some elements from many of our favorite card games. This creates a fun, quick playing and addictive gameplay. Its mostly a memory speed game with some take that when your exchanging cards or playing card from your neighbors hands (love this). It’s the type of game to you will want to take with you camping, traveling or on a cabin weekend hanging with friends a family. It’s well designed and a must own if you like card games such as: Rummy, Set, Speed or Blink! This game shines with more players and is great for larger group gaming. Check out @kombiocards if you haven’t already, it’s a fantastic card game!

Holly C.
United States United States
Love it

Love it! Played it a couple times with a friend and immediately loved it, so had to buy my own copy. It’s an interesting game, and fun that people can play different strategies (so it doesn’t get boring).